The Key Spa & Salon has been offering hair and nail Services in Sarasota/Siesta Key since 2003. Located on the water in the Boatyard Village of Sarasota, Florida, the Key Spa & Salon is owned and operated by Fredric and Lisa Bouillerce.  

Fredric has been in the health and beauty business for over 30 years, traveling worldwide as a consultant and teacher in his field. Lisa has owned and operated successful salons for the last 20 years. Frederic and Lisa relocated to Sarasota/Siesta Key from Darien, Connecticut where they owned a highly reputable salon for over ten years. Both Lisa and Fredric are well known in Connecticut and Sarasota for their high level of service, personal care, knowledge in the services they provide, and their exclusive fashion and style.

The Key Spa’s main objective is to create an experience in which you can sense the relaxed, unique atmosphere of Siesta Key and Sarasota.  

Come feel the peace and serenity that lies within the magical little island and leave with the feeling of youth and beauty.
We strive to offer you products that contain the least amount of chemicals as possible and use a number of different Organic and Natural products to promote a healthy beautiful YOU.

Thank you for choosing  The Key Spa and Salon of Sarasota/ Siesta Key, Florida. We are pleased that you have given us the opportunity to provide you with the highest quality Salon services in Sarasota and Siesta Key. We dedicate ourselves to you, our valued client, as we celebrate the Mind, Body & Soul of each individual we meet.